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Five Shades of White

"take a pink eraser and rub out the imperfections..."

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a b o u t
girl. 22. short. 4th year at uc davis. scorpio. INFP. &c., &c.

l i k e s
photography. writing. road trips. nostalgia. grammar. irony. singing. laughing. spare change. staying up late. thunder storms. cookie dough. rugby. inside jokes.

d i s l i k e s
spiders. earwigs. ants. |[bugs in general.]| pickled onions. sweat. science. wolves of the big bad variety. rejection.

f a n d o m s
friday night lights. greek. friends. grey's anatomy. harry potter. |[shoebox project.]| lost. everwood.

s h i p s
harry/hermione. tim/lyla. cappie/casey. landry/tyra. jack/kate. sawyer/kate. shannon/boone. ephram/amy. bright/hannah.

m u s i c
otis redding. the fray. augustana. matt costa. corrine bailey rae. the wreckers. the beatles. simon and garfunkel. amos lee. imogen heap. jason mraz. john mayer. levi kreis. ok go. snow patrol. fall out boy. al green. the veronicas. mcfly. michael buble. john legend. regina spektor. panic! at the disco. kate walsh. the classic crime. jack johnson. something corporate.

b o o k s
the truth about forever. catcher in the rye. rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead. pride and prejudice. ender's game. the perks of being a wallflower. extremely loud & incredibly close.

m o v i e s
dead poet's society. elizabethtown. the notebook. the lakehouse. pride and prejudice ('05). girls just wanna have fun. can't buy me love. my fair lady. swing kids. gattaca. 10 things i hate about you. save the last dance. finding neverland. a walk to remember. pirates of the caribbean. the pursuit of happyness. 13 going on 30.

f r i e n d i n g
mostly friends-only, with the exception of fic posts and a handful of random entries. add me and i'll almost always add back, but please leave a comment saying who you are - i'm nosy!

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'Bottled Promise' - Check In The Dark

...Don't make me hug myself, people. You know I will....

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